English Learning

Aim and Objectives

Shau Kei Wan Government Secondary School (SGSS) offers a wealth of opportunities for students to improve their English through carefully planned lessons and a whole range of extra-curricular activities that extend beyond the traditional classroom setting. The school provides a supportive English learning environment that empowers students of diverse interests and abilities to thrive and achieve success. Through the dedicated efforts of teachers and students, we have successfully enhanced students’ language skills and cultivated in them a lifelong love for English.

English Teachers 2023-2024

KLA Coordinator: Ms. CHEUNG Mai-ying

Head of Department:

Ms. CHEUNG Mai-ying

Deputy Head of Department:

Ms. LEUNG Carrie (Senior levels)
Ms. WONG Kai-foon (junior levels)


Ms. CHEUNG Chui-sheung
Ms. LAI Wong-shan
Ms. LEE Ying-fan
Ms. MOK Lai-fong
Ms. TSANG Pui-Sze, Irene
Ms. WONG Wing-yi
Ms. WONG Shuk-ching, Jane

English Club 2023-2024

Chairperson: 4B CHEUNG Hoi-yi Chloe


4B LEE Hei-tung
4D CHAN Yui-ching


4D LAM Lok-lok


4A CHAN Yan-kiu Jocelyn

Debate Club (English) 2023-2024

Chairperson: 4D CHENG Ka-yee


4A CHAN Sui-man
5D CHAU Yin-chi


4A LAI Man-yin


3D WONG Ching-yu

English Activities 2023/24

Date English Activities / Academic Projects

Aug 2023

Pre-S1 English Enhancement Programme

Sep - Dec 2023

S6 Star and Support Programme

19 & 20 Oct 2023

Halloween Haunted House

20 Nov - 20 Dec 2023

75th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival

Nov 2023

S1 Hong Kong History: Shau Kei Wan Community Project

Nov 2023

S2 Inter-class Comic Strip Design & Presentation Competition

Nov 2023

S3 Inter-class Advertisement Design and Presentation Competition

Nov 2023

Creative Writing Competition on the theme of “Love”

Nov - Dec 2023

S1 Academic Advisor Scheme

Nov 2023 - May 2024

Human Library

Dec 2023

Movie Time

Jan 2024

4.23 World Book Day Creative Competition (2024)

Feb 2024

Song Dedication

23 Feb 2024

Joint School Oral Practice (S6)

4 Mar 2024

Hong Kong Debating Competition (2nd round)

13 & 14 Mar 2024

Cross-curricular English Activity: A Trip to Antarctica

26 Mar 2024

Inter-Government Secondary Schools Drama Fest 2023/24 School Performance Phase

Mar 2024

English Café

Apr 2024

Treasure Hunt

Mar 2024

S3 Project: A Job Recommendation for S6 School Leavers in Hong Kong

Apr 2024

S1 Group Project

Apr - May 2024

S2 Project: Script Writing & Mini-Drama Inter-class Drama Competition

May 2024

Fashion Show
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