School Rules

School Hours and Attendance of Students

    1. Students must be punctual for lessons and school activities. No students are allowed to miss any lesson and assembly without school permission, otherwise, the student would be considered as absent without permission. Students are allowed to enter the school after 7:30 am and stay to 5:00 pm.
    2. Any student who has been late for one or more period(s) must produce a letter from his/her parent or guardian explaining the lateness, otherwise, the student would be considered as absent without permission.
    3. Any student who needs to take leave of absence must submit an application letter from his/her parent or guardian two working days before taking leave. Leave of absence may only be taken after the school has granted permission, otherwise, the student would be considered as absent without permission. 4. When any student feels sick and cannot return to school, the parent should inform the school office (Tel: 25603544) before 8:15 am.
    5. Any student who has taken a sick leave must submit a letter of explanation from his/her parent or guardian on the day the student returns to class. For sick leave more than one day or during uniform tests and examinations, a medical certificate from a registered doctor is also required.
    6. Students are not permitted to leave the school during school hours without the permission of the Principal or the Assistant Principals.
    7. Any student who has been suffering from an infectious or contagious disease must produce a medical certificate that certifies he/she is free from the disease before returning to school.
    8. For a long period of exemption from P.E. lessons, a medical certificate from a registered doctor must be submitted to the Principal via the P.E. teachers.
    9. Under normal circumstances, leave of absence during post examination activity days and before/after long vacation will not be approved by the school. If the student is absent from school without the approval of the school, the relevant absent records will be recorded on their Report sheets.

Dress, Appearance and Manner

    1. Students should be respectful and courteous to teachers, school staff and schoolmates.
    2. The normal standards of decent behaviour of students are expected in and out of school at all time, especially when students are in their school uniform.
    3. All students must wear the neat and tidy school uniform in the school or during school functions unless otherwise instructed by the school authority.
    4. They should always be properly and neatly dressed. Valuable ornaments should not be worn.
    5. All students should wear simple hair styles. No dyeing and perming of hair is allowed.
    6. All students should wear the prescribed uniform for P.E. lessons.
    7. If students need to wear a surgical mask in school, the mask should be of plain light color, preferably white, light blue or light green. Students should not use masks or respirators with exhalation valves.
    8. Please refer to school circulars issued at the beginning of the school year for details on rules for school uniforms.

Personal belongings

    1. Students are strongly advised not to bring large amounts of money or valuables to school. The school will not be responsible for any loss of such items.
    2. Students should exercise the greatest care with their personal belongings such as books, stationery, watches, money, etc. in the school and should not leave them unattended especially during floating lessons.

Care of School Property

    1. Students must use all school property and the school premises carefully. They should not willfully damage or deface the school building or any item of school furniture or equipment. All damage must be reported to the school authority as soon as possible. The student concerned may be required to pay damages.
    2. The blackout curtains in the School Hall or special rooms should only be drawn under the supervision of the teacher in charge.
    3, Lights, fans, air-conditioners, IT and other audio-visual equipment should be handled by the monitor or monitress. When the class leaves the classroom, the monitor or monitress should turn off all electrical appliances and ensure that the door is locked.

Using Student Locker and Desk Drawer

    1. Lockers and desk drawers are provided for students to store books and personal belongings related to school activities only. No food, perishable items or forbidden items should be kept inside lockers and desk drawers.
    2. Lockers and desk drawers shall be used by designated students only. Sharing of lockers and desk drawers shall be prohibited. Students should follow the instructions from class teachers and subject teachers. Users are responsible for the security and content of their own lockers and desk drawers.
    3. For security reasons, lockers should always be locked.
    4. Users of lockers and desk drawers should keep their lockers and desk drawers clean and in good working condition. No labels and stickers are allowed. Any damage should be reported immediately.
    5. Lockers and desk drawers should be emptied before the end of the school year. The school reserves the right to handle any leftover items.

Care of School Environment

    1. The school must be kept clean. It is the duty of every student to pick up litter in the school and put it in the waste paper bins or baskets.
    2. Each class is responsible for the cleanliness of its own room and the adjacent corridor.
    3. Each student is responsible for the care and tidiness of his own chair and desk, and the care of all the plants in the school.


    1. Littering.
    2. Eating or drinking in classroom.
    3. Playing ball game in the Covered Playground, classrooms or corridors.
    4. Putting up notices without proper authorization.
    5. Using school lift without proper authorization.
    6. Using school computers without teachers’ permission.
    7. Bringing to school any cutters, playing cards, MP3, portable
    8. electronic games, gadgets that are not related to academic studies (except calculators and watches) or using other electronic devices without permission. Using foul language.
    9. Using inappropriate language on the internet.
    10. Being in possession of any unhealthy or pornographic material, comics involving violence, cigarettes, addictive drugs or any other prohibited items specified by the school.
    11. Smoking, gambling and stealing.
    12. Threatening or bullying schoolmates.
    13. Displaying words or objects, or possessing items that contravene Basic Law, National Security Law or other laws applicable to Hong Kong (including items that are allegedly advocating “Hong Kong independence”, promoting/ expressing hatred or violence) within the campus (including school buildings, classrooms and bulletin boards, etc.).
    14. Political propaganda or disturbances caused to teachers and students within the campus and, in the vicinity, such as chanting slogans, posting publicity materials, distribution of leaflets or singing songs which carry political message(s).
    15. Forming a group in the name of the school or encourages other students to express / support certain political views by signature or other forms of activities (such as class boycotts, forming of human chains, etc.) without the school’s approval.
    16. Wearing garments/ ornaments/ badges/ items that carry political message(s) on campus.
    17. Damaging school facilities for political propaganda or expressing certain political views or demands.
    18. Requesting peers/ others to express their political stance or coercing peers into supporting their own political stance by means of bullying.
    19. Initiating or participating in activities in contravention of the rules outside the campus, including assemblies and processions not brought to the attention of or not approved by the Police.
    20. Wearing school uniforms when participating in activities which are not organised or approved by the school (including any form of political activity).
    21. While the national anthem is being played and sung, the etiquette to be followed by all the students who take part in or attend the occasion is to stand solemnly and deport themselves with dignity; and to not behave in a way disrespectful to the national Anthem.
    22. A student commits an offence if, with intent to insult the national anthem, he or she publicly and intentionally alters the lyrics or score of the national anthem; or plays and sings the national anthem in a distorted or disrespectful way.

Out of Bounds

    1. The Staff Room, the Staff Common Room and the General Office. If a student wishes to enter these places for any reason, he/she must inform the relevant person and wait for permission to enter.
    2. The school premises during weekends and holidays except for study or activities already approved by the Principal.
    3. The Laboratory Preparation Rooms and Computer-Assisted Learning Room Preparation Room.
    4. All special rooms unless instructed or led by a teacher.

Observation of Other Rules

    1. Laboratory Rules
    2. Library Rules
    3. Regulations for Examinations
    4. Fire Drill Instructions

Punitive System

    1. Any student who has violated school regulations will receive appropriate penalties. According to the seriousness of the misbehaviour, penalties are categorized into major demerit, minor demerit, black mark, written warning and verbal warning.
    2. Students who repeatedly or intentionally break school regulations may, after the Principal’s review and approval, be suspended from class. A copy of the case(s) may be forwarded to the Education Bureau for record.
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