Whole-person Development

Whole-person Development Committee

Whole person development nurtures students to be an all-rounded individual. Students can attain balanced development in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics and be capable of life-long learning, critical and exploratory thinking, innovating and adapting to changes, thus preparing them to meet all the challenges towards adulthood.
We adopted a whole-school approach to facilitate the development of our students. It includes:
  • Whole-person Development Committee
  • Discipline Team
  • Guidance Team
  • Life Planning Team
  • OLE Team
  • Moral and Civic Education
  • SEN Support
  • Health and Sex Education
  • Gifted Education and Talent Pool
  • Environmental Education
  • Community Services
  • School-based Programme
  • Students’ Association
  • Life-wide Learning Programme
  • Sister School Scheme
  • Study Tour & Exchange Programmes
  • Support for Non-Chinese Students

The Whole-person Development Committee leads all functional teams to implement the School Development Plan. In the current plan, we aim at nurturing students’ positive values and attitudes for the development of the sense of citizenship and national identity. We put emphasis on the development of positive emotion among students. The atmosphere of love and gratitude are built with the concerted effort of all functional teams and class teachers. Students’ core values are cultivated through different activities such as talks, visits and workshops. Their needs have been well addressed for sustainable personal growth.
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